Invoicing Automation System – VBA

As a problem solver, I am always looking for opportunities to apply my skills to in practical real-world issues. I had the pleasure of working with Pet Funeral Services to develop a solution to their invoicing procedures. The company’s invoicing process was complex, involving the production of several documents, including invoices, certificates, envelopes, and stickers, which were printed on different printers and trays. This manual process was prone to errors and delays, causing frustration for office workers and customers alike.

To tackle this problem, I directly connected to the MySQL database from the Microsoft Access software to develop a system that automated the entire invoicing process. The new system drastically reduced the time required to generate invoices from 15 minutes to just 30 seconds per invoice, saving time and increasing efficiency. Despite the automation, we were able to maintain the high aesthetic standards of the invoices that the business required.

The results of this project were fantastic, with office workers thrilled with the new software’s ease of use and stability. The system has also helped to increase the business’s volume by around 80% in the last couple of years, resulting in significant cost savings. I estimate that the software generates at least £12,000 per year by preventing the need to hire an additional person to manage invoicing procedures. It was a pleasure to work with Pet Funeral Services and contribute to improving their operations with the power of software.

Microsoft Access interface for the Invoice Generator System.