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Victor Pennington – Director

Born in Brazil and living in North Wales since 2018, I am an easy going and friendly individual as well as a versatile, committed and reliable professional.

The secret to my services lies in understanding complex tasks and simplifying them with creative solutions, be they photography services, or audiovisual products.

For over 15 years, my skills as an Award-winning Audio-Visual Producer, Video Journalist and Filmmaker have allowed me to help many businesses and companies transform and improve their communication efforts.

Currently, I have had the pleasure of working with organizations such as the Blue Sky Awyr Las, the NHS Wales Charity, the German Ministry of Relations – GIZ, and the AFP International News Agency, among additional private businesses around my region.

I believe in a world of sharing, simplicity, respect and caring for the environment and I seek to embed this vision into my work and interaction with my clients.

Besides my work with businesses, I am also a maker, a musician, and a dancer. I have coding, woodworking, locksmith and wielding skills which allow me to pass time with various activities. I sing and play the guitar to sharpen my sense of rhythm which also helps with video editing, and I practice Brazilian Zouk (a type of dance) to enhance my ability to connect with people and be mindful of my environment.


I have directed and been the cinematographer for various short cinema films and have directed more than fifty commercial advertising videos for social media. 

I have freelanced for a number of international news agencies (Ruptly, AFP and EFE) covering political subjects, riots and violent protests in Brazil.

I have won (twice) a £25,000 funding prize from the Brazillian Government to film and direct two short documentaries – ‘A Louca História de Andrade Jr’ (2014) and ‘A História de Kalil Skeff’ (2017).

I have managed and directed the video and media coverage of a music festival I Encontro eMusicaAoVivo, with a team of 15 people, composed of Journalists, Cameramen, Photographers and Video Editors, releasing same day videos of the event – this was one of many challenges I have faced which today allow me to respond quickly to the needs of my clients.